Youth Health Transition

Transition to age-appropriate adult health care is a process, not a single event, involving the entire family and the youth’s team. Providers need to address health transitions with families and youth as early as possible, supporting skill building and increased independence as they reach school age, approach adolescence and move into adulthood. Below are some considerations when working with a youth in transition:

  • Anticipate and facilitate the transition to adult health care;

  • Discuss the adolescent's options for health insurance coverage with the family;

  • Help families anticipate the need for legal decisions, prior to age18, regarding guardianship, health care power of attorney or other steps to continuity of care;

  • Provide youth and families with information about sexuality to build skills in setting safe boundaries, developing good decision making skills and knowing when to tell a trusted adult about a concern;

  • Connect families to resources that will assist the young person with the transition to community living.

Health Transition Wisconsin has resources to assist Wisconsin youth, families and health professionals with the transition from pediatric to adult care.

Got Transition features health care transition resources for health professionals to support youth moving into the adult health care system.

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