Medical Home Implementation Team (MHIT)

Vision: All children and youth in Wisconsin will receive care within a medical home to promote optimal health and support families.

Mission: In collaboration, the MHIT and other statewide partners will develop, promote, implement and evaluate a state plan to increase the number of Wisconsin children and youth served within a medical home, particularly those with special health care needs. Implementation of the plan will be sustained through members’ integration of plan elements into their work and organizational priorities.

Medical Home Systems Integration Project Goal: To increase the number of Wisconsin Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs who receive care within a medical home by 20% by September 2017 (from 44% to 53%).


MHIT Meetings



2017 Meetings Dates (10-11:30am):


August 21, 2017

May 2, 2017

Guest presenter: Peggy Stemmler, MD, MBA, Director, Frameshift Group

February 7, 2017

Guest presenter: Mary Mundt Reckase, Director, Great Rivers 2-1-1 and Wisconsin Public Health Information and Referral Services, as part of our Care Coordination Innovation series.





MHIT Members


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