Medical Home Systems Integration Project

The primary goal of Medical Home Systems Integration Project was to increase the number of Wisconsin children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) served within a medical home by 20% by August 2017. The Wisconsin CYSHCN Medical Home Systems Integration Project was a Health Resources and Services Administration-funded project awarded to Wisconsin Department of Health Services CYSHCN Program. The project was administered through Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin.

The project had four strands designed to increase the number of CYSHCN served within a medical home:


The Wisconsin State Plan to Serve More Children and Youth within Medical Homes Including Those with Special Health Care Needs (2015) was developed collaboratively by leadership from Wisconsin healthcare, Department of Health Services, and family advocacy organizations. The State Plan outlines steps to ensure more Wisconsin children receive care within medical homes, along with measures to track their accomplishment. 



Recommended during the development of the Wisconsin State Plan, the Wisconsin Care Coordination for Children and Youth Mapping Project (July 2017) is a strength and gap analysis (mapping exercise) of current care coordination activities that are being implemented in different systems and organizations across the state. Interviews were conducted with a diverse group of systems, providers, and family representatives.



What is a Medical Home? Brochure
To help families and other partners better understand the concept of a medical home, a Wisconsin-specific brochure has been developed. Sections of the brochure include a definition of a medical home, family responsibilities, health care team responsibilities and Wisconsin-specific resources for families of children with special health care needs. The brochure is available in English and Spanish.

  • Organizations may download and customize the brochure by adding their logo and contact information. For instructions on inserting your logo, click here 
  • To order hard copies of the brochure, visit WI DHS’ Publications Library, and enter publication #P-01747




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