Medical Home Shared Plan of Care Project

The Medical Home Initiative of Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin is supporting implementation of quality improvement grants designed to support work with Wisconsin pediatric primary care teams to advance medical home care provision for children and youth with special health care needs through the use of a Shared Plan of Care.

A Shared Plan of Care is a living document completed by parents and health care providers that includes information necessary to assure issues affecting a child's health are identified and accessible across systems, and that activities and accountability for addressing those activities are documented. Key components include:

  • Medical summary
  • Family strengths and preferences
  • Negotiated plan of action (including clinical and family goals, actions to address goals, responsible partners, and timelines)
  • Other necessary attachments (such as emergency plans, chronic condition protocols, and relevant legal documents such as IEPs or 504 plans)


2016-2017 Shared Plans of Care Project Summary
A summary of the 2016-2017 projects using Shared Plans of Care to improve care for Wisconsin children and youth with special health care needs.


Advancing Family Engagement in Health Care Quality Improvement
2017 CYSHCN Projects Summit

November 14, 2017


A day-long summit where the Shared Plan of Care, Youth Health Transition, and Tribal  Health Centers project teams summarized their work and shared strategies they've implemented to advance care for children and youth with special health care needs. Keynote speaker Sarah Davis, JD, MPA, Associate Director of Center for Patient Partnerships, discussed engaging families and key stakeholders in QI.


2017 Shared Plan of Care Projects

2017 Learning Community Calls

4th Tuesday of even months (12:00-1:00pm):

October 24

August 22
Guest Presenter: Colleen Peck Reuland, MS, Director of Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership (OPIP)

June 27

April 25
Guest Presenter: Hannah Rosenberg, MSc

  • Recording
  • Agenda
  • Hannah Rosenberg, MSc, Project Manager for Integrated Care at Boston Children’s Hospital and Manager of the National Center for Care Coordination Technical Assistance

February 28
Guest Presenter: Sarah Davis, JD, MPA



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